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The Troubles

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For Nathan/Duke fic, art and misc media for SyFy's Haven
Nathan/Duke Community Rules.

This community is for all Nathan/Duke fanfic, fanart, icons, vids, discussions and any other media. Show news, interviews, etc concerning either or both of the actors is also allowed.

If your post contains other pairings as the primary pairing, then please post elsewhere. Threesomes, moresomes are allowed as long as Nathan/Duke are the main focus. Secondary pairings are welcome.

No character or other pairing bashing will be tolerated here.

All fic should go behind a cut.

All graphics should go behind a cut - the only exceptions are upto 3 SFW teaser icons or one SFW image no larger than 400x500px.

RPS is welcome so long as it is clearly labelled, tagged and cut.

Your headers for fic and art should have a rating and all warnings either clearly visible or under a whiteout code:
**<span style="background-color: #FFFFFF; color: #FFFFFF">stuff you're warning for</span>** (Please do not warn for slash or use the whiteout code to hide 'No warnings'.)

Place all spoilers behind a cut, with appropriate warnings and tags.

If you do not know how to make a lj-cut, go here.

Please tag your entries with the tags provided. New authors/artists will have a tag provided for them as soon as a mod notices they haven't got one. Adding a note to your headers requesting an author/artist tag might make this happen sooner. ;)

If your fic is multi-chaptered, please also provide links to previous parts.

Fic searches are welcome, so long as they are Nathan/Duke fics. Just be sure to keep any story spoilers behind a cut so someone who hasn't read the fic can still enjoy it unspoiled.

Remember, not everyone likes the same pairings and characters, but that's no reason to be rude.

Play nice and have fun!


If you would like to affiliate your comm with nathanduke, please comment here

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